A list of projects I have worked on.

This website

This website was written using Gatsby, a static site generator built around ReactJS, Node, and graphql.

As my personal website, it is set up to be my introduction to the world. In the spirit of open source, I decided to include a public blog.

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Quick Read

Quick Read is a mobile app built on React Native and Node.

As named, Quick Read is an app designed for fast reading. It gives you the option of changing the speed to read at in words per minute. You can import epubs or raw text files.

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Tap Banking

Tap Banking is a web app built on React, Firebase, Node, Redux, and the Plaid API.

Tap Banking was built by myself and two others with the goal of making something similar to Intuit's Mint, but with a fresher design and easier UI.

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Exercism is a non-profit organization and open source platformed designed to teach students to code. While at Exercism, I worked with others to maintain parts of the Exercism stack such as the Java course and the global course documents. I led the original development of the static code analyzer for the Java course which would give students generated feedback specific to each exercise.

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