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Regarding Coronavirus

September 25, 2020

6 months and 14 days. That's how long ago my school sent an official notice out, cancelling classes for the next two days and then transitioning into remote classes over Zoom. Half of our winter semester was completely online, then spring semester was completely remote as well. Now, two weeks into Fall semester, the school sends out a warning that campus will again close if students do not adhere to guidlines set by the county. The mandate orders for limited social gatherings and masks when you cannot maintain 6-foot social distancing.

Personally, I have been doing my best to follow these two simple restrictions. My classes are online, so I avoid going to campus unless for the gym, where I wear a mask while working out. Other than that, I will go out to buy groceries, where I also wear a mask. However, the problem becomes clear immediately when I see the few people who have their mask below their nose, tucked under their chin, or completely removed from their face.

I can only assume that these people who somehow cannot wear a mask right or even wear one at all must be either incredibly lazy, or inconsiderate to other peoples health. Then, there are the people on social media who exacerbate the issue by posting about conspiracy theories. Like how coronavirus was invented by Bill Gates or the government. The people who apparently missed 6th grade science class and cannot comprehend how viruses are real.

I am normally a pretty easy-going person, but I cannot describe how I felt when I read the comments of people who are outgoingly against wearing a mask.

BYU seriously needs to stop pushing this mask propaganda. Leave that for left wing media like CNN.

Then there's a response to the above comment which was left on my universities Instagram page.

Amen! Y'all need to see the email byui just sent out about requiring students to comply with unconsititutional requirements by the county, threatening to kick people out of school whether they are disobeying the requirements on or off campus.

I cannot wrap my head around these responses. First off, "mask propaganda?" Why do doctors and medical professionals wear masks? Is that propoganda too? What about being required to wear masks for the common good is "unconstitutional?"

I never imagined that a global pandemic would somehow become a political issue. I believe that part of this is due to social circles limiting our view. Not only physical social circles, but the artifical information circles that algorithms create for us. It is no secret that tech learns to show you stuff based on your previous interactions and that over time, the information shown to you becomes biased based off of that.

Recently I've been getting notifications on nearly every platform reminding me to register to vote. I think that is a positive notification, but imagine what information we could spread like that? Rather than limiting what people can see, show them everything. If there's anything school has taught me, it is the importance of gathering information from sources with varying biases and forming your own opinion after reviewing each source. We need to be careful as to not limit people's views to a certain bias.

Will my school close again? Maybe, we will see what happens with time. Hopefully people learn to respect the health of others and follow set restrictions. Not only are they legally required to, but it is the considerate thing to do. Similar to using lane change signals while driving.

If you got this far, thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or comments. Contact options are on the bottom left of the site.

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