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Why I Decided to Blog

November 12, 2018

Here's a short post.

Why did I decide to blog?

There's a couple of reasons.

  • Lots of developers blog
  • It's like journaling but public
  • I felt like I needed something to put on my website if I was going to make one.

I feel like this way, I'll let people kinda get the inside-scoop on what's going on in my life. What I'm working on, random thoughts, and other random stuff.

It's not meant to be formal or anything. Just thoughts written down in my markdown editor.

I don't really plan on migrating my blog somewhere else or adding a content management system or anything. I kinda like just being able to write in VSCode and to just push the site with git.

So yeah, I'm trying to post a lot now. I know no one's really reading these right now. Hopefully there's more later, but if not it's okay as long as at least one person reads it. I'll probably post less later and forget about the blog at some point. Life tends to get busy sometimes. Especially with college and adult life coming up soon.

Anyways, talk to y'all later.

Till then, Logan.

© Logan Stucki