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Github pages user page branch setup

November 08, 2018

So, setting up my new site, I decided to use github pages instead of hosting it on my server.


  • GitHub pages is free
  • I can deploy my website just by doing a git push

So I made the necesarry changes to get my domain to point to github pages, and got everything set up. I added the CNAME file and added a yarn deploy command that I could use to build and publish the site.

I went to change the github pages branch, so I could keep my website code on the master branch, but to my dismay, GitHub had other plans...

Github's other plans

The best fix I found for this while still hosting the site on a user page was to change the defalt branch. Not my favorite solution, but I'm hosting the pre-build code under the code branch and the static site code under master.

By changing the default branch to code, GitHub displays the code branch when people visit the repo. Plus, when someone clones it, it clones the code branch by default.

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