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What Does it Mean to be an Adult?

31 July, 2020

I'm only 19 but my mind is older. Most of my life I have waited for adulthood. It seems like something every kid dreams about: visions of…

Static Analysis for in Java

02 April, 2019

Recently at exercism, we've been working on . The goal of the project is to use static analysis to provide automated mentoring feedback to…

Golang Error Checkers: os.IsExist vs os.IsNotExist

17 January, 2019

Recently I saw a line of code while working on the exercism cli: At first glance, it seems someone made a simple logic mistake that makes…

My Plans for 2019

01 January, 2019

Today is the first day of a new year! Tons of fun. I'm going to outline some plans for this year. 1. Finish high school One more semester…

Thanksgiving: My Path to Open Source and Exercism

22 November, 2018

Today I'm thankful for exercism and my path to open source. I started programming when I was around 12 years old. Not sure what it was, but…

Learning go and stuff

17 November, 2018

I've been looking at learning Go for a few days now. It feels similar to the time I've spent learning C++, but the syntax feels more python…

Why I Decided to Blog

12 November, 2018

Here's a short post. Why did I decide to blog? There's a couple of reasons. Lots of developers blog It's like journaling but public I felt…

That Time I Hacked a Quiz and Won 2.5k

09 November, 2018

So, you might be wondering about something I mention on the home page. hack an online stem trivia quiz and win lots of money even though I…

Github pages user page branch setup

08 November, 2018

So, setting up my new site, I decided to use github pages instead of hosting it on my server. Why? GitHub pages is free I can deploy my…

Look ma I made a website

07 November, 2018

Poof, a website appeared! Cool right? I actually had a website before this. It looked kinda similar with the same colors and footer. The…

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